Winter Is Coming: Fantasy Baseball's Offseason

Playoff baseball is here. An exciting time of year for baseball fans of teams that are still in the mix. For the rest of us, it means winter is coming, and the long fantasy baseball off season between now and spring training. This is the time to make a plan for the offseason, and how to move forward into 2022. While the format in which you play may vary, you can never have too much information at your finger tips as we wade into the waters of playoff baseball and beyond.

Season End

Now that the season has drawn to a close, it's time to breathe. If you're in a dynasty or keeper league, your transacti

ons have likely locked. Enjoy some playoff baseball, and check out some of the better story lines. Who are the Randy Arozarena's of this years playoffs? Who emerges as a bullpen ace? While some of the talking heads will tell you to start prepping for 2022 now, it's okay to take a break from the long season and let it all digest. If you're in a redraft league, there's less to consider and more time to soak it all in. If you're in a dynasty or keeper league, it's a good time to assess the state of your roster. No matter the state of your roster, it's important to have a plan. Some owners might not be ready to engage in trade talks now - others (like those in my leagues) are at it year round. Some leagues allow trades to begin immediately, while others have a holding period. Don't miss out on any potential opportunities, and seek them out if you're so inclined.

Prepping for 2022

If you're in a redraft league, preparation comes in a variety of forms. Whether it's looking at the rankings of various writers (ours will be available sometime in the offseason), checking ADP or participating in mock drafts, these are all valuable intelligence gathering methods. When looking at rankings, especially multiple rankings, be sure to analyze what the format is, and create a ranking system of your own. Whether you play in a H2H points league or a roto league, the rankings likely look very different from one source to another. Adalberto Mondesi might be a top 10 SS in roto, but in a points league, his value is quite a bit lower. Mock drafts present an opportunity to see how you would draft in certain positions, and can provide you an insight in which rounds to target the players you want most. Another source for information is podcasts, including ours which will be out some time in the offseason as well. These are a great way to prepare while on the go, or don't have the opportunity to browse the internet as much as we do.

In dynasty/keeper leagues, there may be some deadlines you have to be aware of. You may have to select keepers by a certain date or clear your IL list. Make sure to stay on top of these and any other deadlines that your league requires. Depending on when your league opens up shop for the 2022 season, get busy trading or keep a finger on the pulse of the league. No matter where your team finished 2021, this can be a great time to acquire players from teams that are in rebuild mode, or acquiring assets from contending teams to advance your rebuild. Get players that can help your team now or in the future. Take advantage of the prospect rankings and lists and see who you want to target. Is there an injured player or a player who had a down season in 2021 that can be acquired at a discount? Are other managers over-reacting to trades, free agents, and rumors? Do your homework and make sense of the situation so you can make a fortuitous move before the dust settles.

Baseball is moving into the long off-season. If you haven't already, we encourage you to check out all forms of fantasy baseball fun. Playoff fantasy leagues are already forming. Only do redraft? Try keeper or dynasty. There are leagues forming at all times of the year in different formats - if you're as addicted to fantasy sports as we are, check out our dynasty hockey info, rankings, and sleepers coming soon.

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